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Trading Platform
Trading Platform


Finrally provides its customers with the most advanced and popular trading platform. The platform is available in three versions: web, Android and iPhone.

In the modern world you are looking for a business which will allow you to trade where ever you are and using whichever device you have to hand. More and more people are accessing the internet via their smart phones or by using a tablet whilst on the move. This means that all potential applications need to be web based and mobile friendly. Finrally, a relative newcomer to the CFD platform trading scene has a well deigned web based platform and offers an app which has shown itself to be the perfect solution for anyone accessing the app via their smart phone.

One of its best features is the ability to study price movements; specifically it can identify a single product; you can then match the product to the records within the app and study the exact movement of any item within a specified time frame. As well as providing a framework for solid, yet cautious investment, Finrally offers some of the best potential returns in the industry; it regularly achieves rates of returns as high as ninety percent.

CFD platform offer great scope in terms of the potential time frames; it is possible to invest regardless of whether you want to invest against a change in prices over sixty seconds; within the next half an hour, or, even within several hours. They also offer a variety of CFD including standard ones, short terms and even long term.

Now all CFD trading can be completed via your Smart Phone. Finrally has a well established mobile platform which will allow you to start trading immediately. It also has useful CFD such as live charts or the ability to see your trade history whilst conducting an instant trade. Whether you are interested in trading standard CFD or short term ones you will be able to use this software to help you.

It is worth noting that Finrally first focused on building a customer base in Russia and Asia; it is only more recently that it has expanded its operation and is now present in a host of other countries, this means you will be able to utilize their services no matter where you are based.

Web platform
Select the Asset you would like to trade using the Dropdown Menu.
Choose your desired Expiry Time using the Dropdown Menu.
Asset chart price, showing its performance in real time over the selected time period.
Trader’s choise
Displays (in percentage) the current number of "bulls" (who buys) and "bears" (who sells) the asset.
Enter the amount
You would like To invest.
Choose direction
Click "BUY", if you think that the price of the asset will be higher at CFD expiration time. Click "SELL", if you think that the price of the asset will be lower at CFD expiration time.
Profit, in percentage from invested amount.

Mobile Platform

Experience Finrally Android and IPhone based trading platform. It allows to stay connected with the global market and never miss a trading opportunity.

  • REGULAR CFD trading
  • 60 SECONDS
  • Allows for instant execution of trades
  • Shows live charts of every CFD available on the platform
  • Enables traders to view their entire trade history
  • Same login as the web-based platform
  • Application is FREE to download
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